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Put-Down Rates (POS Connected devices)

The Put Down Rate (PDR) calculates the number of tables a Yumpingo review was presented to against how many total tables were actually served. 

It does not take into account if the table reviews the items but its purpose is to measure the servers' consistency in using the devices.

Put down rates are meant to be a guide rather than a hard science. You should set realistic goals for your teams based on existing data. For example, if your team is hitting a 40% put down rate average weekly, try to set goals to increase that rate to 50% for the following week, rather than focusing on 100% overnight. 

PDRs will never be perfect, some tables will leave before a team member has the chance to use the device, and some areas, like outdoor seating for example, may not use Yumpingo devices as standard. Keep these in mind when you read this report and focus on rewarding those who have great Put down rates within your company rather than punishing those who don't.

How it's calculated:
  • If a team member has 30 tables throughout her shift, and she uses the Yumpingo device to pull a bill and "put it down" on 15 of those tables - her put down rate would be 50%

This information is displayed on the dashboard by date, venue, and team member, giving a good idea of how engaged the restaurant team is with Yumpingo. Put Down Rates provide data on how many tables receive a Yumpingo device and are filtered by Team member and by venue.

Put Down Rates are found on the dashboard in the Service > Team Analysis section. If you can't see this section, it's likely you don't have permission to view Team Data. Contact your head office about gaining access.

The Put-down rates are broken down into 2 sections: by venue and by team members

  • NOTE: Some integrations only allow PDRs by the venue and the Team Summary screen will not appear in your summary - contact Yumpingo if you're not sure

Bill Splitting:

If your ePOS or Order & Pay integration allows bill splitting, we recommend pulling the bill onto one Yumpingo device before splitting the bill and presenting it to a table.
  • If multiple Yumpingo devices are used, the system will still allocate one review and one bill to the team member. 
  • For example, the bill is split 3 ways and 3 devices are presented to each guest at a table. 2 of the 3 guests fill out a review. This will count as:
    • One bill towards tables served & Put down rate
    • The two reviews will be grouped together to count as one review

Shared or Reassigned Bill/Tables:

When a check or table number is entered into a Yumpingo device to pull a bull, the review is then allocated to the team member who owns the check/table at the moment the bill is pulled.

  • Which team member was assigned as the owner, depends entirely on how the ePOS is set up at the venue.

  • At some restaurants, the owner is whoever opened it last while at some, it's whoever opened the table in the first place.

Revenue Centers:

Some POS providers offer a feature called Revenue centres. This feature varies by POS, the integration with Yumpingo and how your brand used this feature. It may not be available in your restaurant.
  • Revenue centres include different points within the restaurant such as Dining, Bar, Patio tables, Take out, etc
  • You may have the option to hide certain centres, which won't count against the restaurant's PDR.
  • For example, if you don't offer guests Yumpingo devices at the bar, you can hide that revenue centre. With the Bar revenue centre hidden, these bills will not count against you in your PDR calculations

  • However, if a guest completes a Yumpingo review on a bar tab, the review will still show up in Reviews, but not calculated in the Put-Down Rate Percentage. 

Exclude certain Tables from Put Down Rate calculations
It is not possible to exclude certain table numbers from being included in PDR in the way Revenue Centers (for some POS systems) or certain staff members can be excluded from the PDR calculations. This is the case regardless of the POS system. 

Ability to pull certain tables/bills on to a device
We do not exclude specific tables or bills from being pulled onto a Yumpingo device, even if that bill is on a Revenue Center that is hidden from the Put Down Rate calculation. 

Staff members can pull any checks at any time onto a Yumpingo device for a review.

For example, if a brand has the Revenue Center "Bar" hidden toward the CALCULATION OF PDR, a server can still pull a bill onto a device for any "Bar" table/bill/check. The only purpose of hiding a Revenue Center is exclude counting the number of bills for that revenue center towards the PDR.

Excluding servers:

Some locations may use shared server IDs for specific functionality rather than assigning it to a specific server, functioning as a "revenue centre". Here are some examples:    
  • All bartenders share one POS log in
  • All take-out/curbside orders go through one login
If a shared user would never use the Yumpingo devices (such as collection orders), these can be excluded on from your overall PDR. To have specific users excluded from PDRs, contact Yumpingo support.

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