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Reputation - Can users be part of multiple brands?

In Reputation, a Team consists of different groups, locations, and users. Everything in Reputation is done within a team or brand. Reputation users can manage individual reviews and messages from various social media platforms. These messages are structured in different inboxes by groups and locations. 


Can a Reputation user be part of multiple brands?

Yes, you can be a part of several teams as long as you have been set up to manage multiple brands through the Yumpingo dashboard.

How do I switch between brand inboxes?

When you log in to Reputation through the Yumpingo dashboard, you will be redirected to the inbox you had selected on Yumpingo

In Reputation, the brand name that's highlighted on the navigation menu is the current brand inbox you're viewing. 

To switch to a different brand, open the dropdown navigation by clicking your name in the upper right corner. Then, click on the brand you wish to see. After the page reloads, you will be in the inbox of the brand you selected. 

If you have questions, comments, or suggestions please reach out by clicking the support chat box on the lower right side of your screen.

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