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Reputation - Add Location or Group

If you want to add a group (such as regions or areas) or location, click on your name in the upper right corner of the screen. Select Locations & Groups in the dropdown menu. 

When creating a new Reputation account, first create a Company (your brand). Under your company, it automatically creates a Branding Page and a Location

Note: A Branding Page is the topmost level or group of your organization. It is not attached to a physical location but represents a centralized voice for the brand. Use of the branding page is optional. Though, many of our customers, do make use of Instagram and Facebook branding pages.   

Adding a Group or Location

Now, you can always create groups and locations to reflect your company's structure.

In Locations & Groups, scroll down to Manage your Groups & Locations and click either "+ Add Group" or   "+ Add Location."

Then enter the name of the new group/location (the group and location names should be unique) and click submit.

Editing your group or Location

Hover on the location or group in question, then click on the ellipses to see the dropdown menu. 

Then, you can perform the following actions whenever you want: 

  • Rename a group or location.
  • Set a group as default - the default group or location will always be the first one you access right after logging in. If you do not have a location set as default, you will see all messages for the entire company whenever you log in. 
  • Note: The default location can also be unset, which then makes the default location the entire company.
  • Move a group or location - as we allow nested groups to create a logical hierarchy in your company, you can move a group (along with its sub-groups and locations) to another one within your company structure. However, your branding page can not be moved.
  • Delete a group or location you no longer need.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please reach out to us via the chatbox on the bottom-right of your screen. We appreciate your time, and we’ll be in touch as soon as we can!

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