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Reputation - Restaurant choice drivers

When choosing a restaurant, customers typically consider these options: the proximity of the restaurant, the time allotted for dining, and the type of cuisine. However, there are other important drivers that heavily impact choice of restaurant, that can be be summed up by the way a restaurant makes us feel. 

The primary restaurant choice drivers have been identified as: 

Value                                      Food                                                 Consistency                    

Service                                    Environment                                     Reputation                       

Convenience                           Family Friendly                                 Innovation              

While all are important factors, some matters more than others in impacting the decision making process.

In the diagram below, the 9 different choice drivers are shown. These are ordered by impact or importance from left to right, with food and consistency being the most important, and family friendliness the least important.

What this show is that even if a restaurant's environment (interior, aesthetics'), people would still keep coming if the service team were great because this choice driver is higher. A further example, people are willing to pay a bit more in exchange for smaller servings, Value, if a restaurant has a great Reputation. Taste and consistency are, above all, the most important factors for return customers.

At Yumpingo, we've added a 10th choice driver: Experience, or how the restaurant made the customer feel. When adding Experience to the equation, this tops all others, as shown in the graph below.

For tagging purposes, these can be used for reviews that look like these (blank or single word reviews on Google or TripAdvisor.)

A Reputation user, would then tag the message using the green tag, below:

Learn more about tagging and how to utilise this feature here 

In this graph, good tagging means, you can count the number of tags and see the positive and negative sentiment for each particular choice driver.

In this table, consistent tagging means you can see the evolution of specific tags. 35 people reported having a positive "Experience" in the establishment below. This is down 10 compared to the previous period.

Finally, the Tags Deep-Dive section allows you to view your applied tags in a top down approach, starting on a category level and drilling down all the way to the actual posts.

A 5-star Yelp review posted by Nikki P. has been tagged using Innovative tag under the Innovation restaurant choice driver.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please reach out to us via the chatbox on the bottom-right of your screen. We appreciate your time, and we’ll be in touch as soon as we can!

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