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Reputation - Company insights

The insights page shows aggregate information of the entire company or groups. This insights sub-dashboard allows you and the members of your team to have an idea how the different locations in your company or group are performing. 

To access this page, launch the Reputation dashboard in the Yumpingo dashboard and go to Insights. From this page you can choose from Reputation  Reputation screen and select the company or group that you want to view.

Be aware of the selected period you are using. The data shown on the page only reflects the reviews a location has received within the date range selected in the upper right corner of the screen. The default period selected is Last 30 days. 

Company Score

The Score widget shows:

  • The cumulative rating of all locations in a given period and includes all reviews from the very beginning. 
  • The average location rating for the selected period. 

The trend arrow next to the number rating shows how the cumulative and average scores compare to the previous period.

  • Score = [sum of all ratings] / [total number of channels]
  • Avg. Score =  [sum of all ratings for the period] / [total number of channels]

Note: All integrations are normalised into 5-star ratings. For instance, integrations that make use of a 10-point rating system will have its ratings divided by 2 to normalize the ratings into 5-star ratings. 

Best/Least Performing Locations

The Best and Least Performing Location sections show the locations with the highest and lowest cumulative ratings for the selected period. Trend arrows indicate whether the location's ratings improved compared to the previous period.

Location Overview

Here, view a list of all the locations that qualify for the Company or Group Insights. The locations in your company are ranked based on their scores in the Rating column. 

 The Average column shows your locations' scores for the selected period.

You can view the Location Overview in two ways:

All Review Channels:

  • # (Number)- ranks all locations within your company and shows any movement within the list. A green/red arrow indicates if location went up or down in the ranking and by how many spots. Click on the number to see more information about a location
  • Rating - This column is your total cumulative rating which is the average of of all the different integrations connected to your location. The arrows shows whether a locations' average rating has improved or not compared to the previous period. 
  • Average - This column shows the average rating of all reviews received by a location in the selected period. 
  • Review Channels - These columns show a locations' ratings per individual integration. The arrows show you whether ratings have improved or not compared to the previous period.

Specific Review Channels:

If you see gaps in the first column when you switch to a specific review channels, this is because the rankings for each location is always based on the All Review Channels view. We filter out locations that are not connected to the selected channel. 

  • From/To - shows your location's rating from the selected period
  • Growth - this column shows the difference between the From rating and To rating in column 4, i.e. the rating at the start of the period and the rating by the end of that period.
  • Lowest - this column shows the lowest rating a location received in the selected period. 
  • Highest - this column shows the highest rating aa location received  in the selected period.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please reach out to us via the chatbox on the bottom-right of your screen. We appreciate your time, and we’ll be in touch as soon as we can!

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