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Question Numbers & Slots


Each customer will only see a limited number of Questions, to keep their survey to 1-minute and to produce the most useful results. This is defined by the number of Slots. 

Each service style has a default number of default Slots, but you can choose how many you would like, depending on the service style (up to a maximum).

Service styleDefault slots Maximum slotsDefault group
Table Service36High volume
Quick Service46High volume
Other service styles56Low volume

Each survey through a Yumpingo device will have a maximum of 3 Slots that override the settings in the Questions page. 

Setting up Slots

If you want to create a second group of locations that will have different number of Slots, click on the three dots and choose 'Edit questions slots'.

Response Volumes

Each service style has a default group setting of either high or low volume. Although you can change these default settings, keep in mind that the quality of your Yumpingo insights is based on getting this setting correct. Typically table service venues using devices are the high volume locations, but exclusively take-out locations may also reach high level. 

This is the scale:

  • High volume - a venue/location that collects an average of 50 reviews per week.
  • Low volume - a venue/location that collects less than 50 reviews per week on average.

You can make changes at any time if your number of weekly reviews has increased or decreased.

Number of Questions

After the Experience questions are asked, there is one final question asked/ so you can ask more Questions than your customers will see in each survey. The Questions need a certain volume of responses to provide you with actionable insights and two factors affect this:

  1. Yumpingo devices will collect reviews at a higher rate and can ask more Questions.
  2. The more locations you have in your brand the more Questions that can be asked.

We recommend the following number of questions to ask based on those factors.

Yumpingo Devices

Number of Locations1-56-2526+
Number of Questions5-7 Questions7-10 Questions10-15 Questions

Yumpingo Web App

Number of Locations1-2526-100101+
Number of Questions5-7 Questions7-10 Questions10-15 Questions

Rotation Settings

You can choose whether a question rotates or is fixed.

  • Fixed - This Question is asked on every guest survey. The core NPS Question is always fixed.

  • Rotating - This Question will only appear on some surveys. For example, if your Questionnaire has 10 rotating questions and each survey has 5 Question Slots, each rotating question will be asked 50% of the time.

It is very important to be aware of how many Slots you have available. If you are using devices and you select 2 fixed Questions (in addition to your fixed NPS Question) that will take up all 3 Slots available. Any additional rotating questions will not show. 

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