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Highlights with Smart Actions

Smart Actions

Smart Actions is a flow specifically designed for General Managers. 

Week by week, Yumpingo crunches your site's data and transforms it into insights that highlight what will have the biggest impact on the guest experience.

The goal is to save the front-line team's time by determining what to focus on with their teams each week. We do this by highlighting 3 to 5 of the biggest opportunities that improve the guest experience at their location.

As a best practice, look into any dips in performance, either based on a specific venue or one of the three key metrics (NPS/ Core question score,  Food and Drink score and Steps of service). This will enable you to pinpoint any potential issues and get to the root cause of any problems swiftly.

Email reminder

On Monday mornings, GMs will receive an email with the key headlines and a link to their insights report by 6 am local time. This includes only high-level info, updates on new insights, and the status of previously tackled issues.

This email can be set up for any user within your brand (e.g. assistant GMs).

Weekly report

The report is generated on Monday every week, looking at reviews from the previous seven days. It focuses on all your key metrics and provides advice and suggestions where there have been drops/improvements. 

These are comprised of three key metrics: NPS/ Core question score, combined Food and Drink score and Steps of service compliance and their changes from the previous week.

  • NPS/ Core question score - Core service style questions are determined by your brand. They can vary by service style, however, we recommend NPS when possible.

  • Food and Drink score - See your week-on-week performance over the last four weeks. Highlighting the top dishes to recommend to guests.

  • Steps of service compliance - How many steps of service were hit this week. The steps tracked are determined by the brand.

  • Week by week - See easily how you are performing across the key metrics for all your service styles.


The Yumpingo algorithm is run weekly to detect any new insights and check the status of the previously reported insights

Issues will be placed in order as:

  • Execution issues

  • Steps of service non-compliance


To help decide what to focus on the impact level (low, medium, high) will be displayed next to food execution issues. This is based on the dish's popularity and on execution severity (i.e. how far the venue score is from the brand score).

Any issues are reported in order of:

  1. High impact execution

  2. Medium impact execution

  3. Non-compliant steps

  4. Low-impact food execution

High and Medium Impact

Every week Yumpingo examines all the dish reviews and establishes what ‘normal’ looks like for each dish. This is not only done at an overall dish level but also across any of the characteristics (look, taste, portion, value). 

If we have enough confidence (based on a number of reviews or deviation of a particular venue from the norm) an issue across one or more characteristics gets flagged. Over time, with more data, the algorithm re-adjusts what ‘normal’ looks like to keep getting better at what is being flagged. 

It will flag a dish and mention all of the values that are deviating from the brand. This could be the overall thumbs-up, look, taste, portion or value. The underperforming characteristics will be ordered from the one with more space to improve to the least. If a dish is flagged across many characteristics it likely performs poorly overall compared to the brand. If only one or two characteristics are flagged, it doesn’t necessarily mean the dish isn’t doing well in the venue - it just means there are still areas that can be improved and therefore scores are shifted further up. This means the GM can really spot any area to improve and use their judgement on where to focus their energy in a more effective manner.

Non-compliant steps of service

Steps of service that scored below the 90% mark get flagged as non-compliant

If the step of service is used across different service styles, all service styles that underperform will be flagged.

If you have any questions or comments please reach out through the chat box on the bottom-right of your screen and we’ll be in touch as soon as we can!

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