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Experience Drivers

Experience Drivers is a tool looking at the various levels of issues and topics driving the sentiment within your brand. It will rank the issues by the impact they have on your guests and will highlight the aspects that promote your brand.

While completing a review, your guests will be asked about the aspects driving their experience. Any positive sentiment will be moved to the Highlights page, while any Negative sentiment will be the primary focus of the Experience Drivers page. 

Below you can see the flow of Experience Drivers as the guests see it during the review:


The Experience Drivers page is focusing on the elements of a guest's visit that have a negative impact on their experience. On this page, you can hover over any of the issues to understand the percentage of guests it affects and the impact it has on the NPS. This will allow your team to better understand the more problematic issues your guests are having. 

In the example below you can see that based on 259 guest reviews 'Disliked a dish' was the biggest issue for guests, with 5% of guests having this experience (numbers will vary based on the date range you select; we typically recommend viewing experience drivers on a rolling 28-day time frame). When a guest dislikes a dish it averages -6 NPS (based on a scale of -100 to 100), and you'll be able to see the percentage of guests who, while they had disliked a dish, still left positive NPS scores based on other factors. 

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