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What are research questions?

Research questions help you better understand your brand and your guests by asking questions that are outside of impact from front of house teams. These would be things like their reason for visit, tracking effectiveness of marketing, or menu development. Asking questions based on these types of bases, help you learn more about your customers, their age group, how often they visit your restaurant, which will be a life-saver when you plan to come out with targeted promotions and offers. 

Research questions can be asked in the following ways:

  • Yes/ No or Yes/No/Maybe
  • 5 star measures from a range of Poor - excellent
  • 5 scale measures from extremely unlikely to extremely likely
  • Free text response

The below example represents a research question that has garnered 133 responses with an average result of 4.7 out of 5. Any result seen on this column should not be considered negative as they aren't indicative of service, rather areas in which a brand may create strategies to drive business.

When you select a question you can dive into the shifts where the questions score higher or lower, this could be because of different offerings like a lunch/dinner menu, happy hour, or perhaps the demographic at the type of day that dines at your restaurant. 

As you work down you'll also be able to see this breakdown by each venue. This helps also better understand the customer base that visits a location. Not all customers are created equal. What may work for a venue in one location won't necessarily work for all of them, and within each question a brand can use its marketing to implore strategy based on a single venue. 

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