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The aim of highlights is that every week GMs will receive a report that is tailored to their role and responsibilities.

GMs will get all the information they need from one place which will help them improve their overall operation.

In order for highlights to be generated, there should be at least 15 reviews.

Highlights metrics: 



The first column is all about the core question score and its comparison to the previous week

  • Venue vs Brand
    • Service styles will automatically be displayed
  • Click on each service style to see the breakdown of the given service style

Experience Drivers Elements:

Here GMs can see Experience drivers’ data.

  • Issues raised from the previous week can be seen in more detail here.
    • Compliments given from the previous week can be seen in more detail here.

Food and Drink:

This shows the combined venue score for food and drink.

  • Week-on-week venue vs brand.
  • Combined venue food & drink score for the previous week and the change.
  • Food and drink score reviews separately.
  • Highest-rated items in the venue for the previous week (this is a combination of the ‘Popular and great’ and Most. loved’ in the old venue insights).


  • If steps of service answers have been collected then we display the number of steps that have scored over 90% out of all steps with responses
  • All missed steps are listed below
  • If there are no responses for steps, this section will automatically not show up

Service styles comparison:

  • if there is more than one service style enabled for the venue and they have collected reviews for it, then we display the service style comparison
  • metrics shown:
    • core questions/NPS
    • food score
    • drink score
    • steps of service


Free Text Research

  • The GM can click through here for any free text responses

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