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Managing POS Connected & Integrated Menus

What is an Integrated menu?


An integrated menu is when Yumpingo connects with your Pay & Order app, or your restaurant's Point of Sales (POS) system to display only the items a guest ordered on their review. This is an easier and better guest experience than having to scroll manually through all the menu Items to leave a review.

However, Items entered into a POS system are set up for the use of the restaurant staff and aren't usually ideal for customer-facing products. See the example below:

  • Guest facing menu Item: Smoky Cheddar Burger
  • POS item: CHEDD burg

You may also have multiple POS items that you'd like to have reported in your insights and custom menus as one item. For example:

  • Menu item: Smoky Cheddar Burger
  • POS Items: CHEDD Burg Standard

                               CHEDD Burg - Lunch offer

                               CHEDDR Brgr - NO PICKL

                               SMKY CHED Burg - well done

While these are important specs for the service team and kitchen, they aren't useful for the purpose of guest feedback or food insights. On Yumpingo Menu management you have the ability to create an Item appropriate to guests and insights and also link multiple items together as the same item.

Set up an ePOS menu


  • Follow the steps to create a menu here at least 5 days before a new menu goes live (or after Yumpingo has activated the POS connection). You'll need to create a Menu and Items how you would like a guest to view them.
  • Over the next few days, your POS items will show up in the Items section of the menu management in both the  All Items & Suggestions headers.



  • First, start with the Suggestions. These are items that seem to be a POS match based on similarities in spelling. 
  • Scroll down the list. For any correct items you know are a match, simply click the Accept button next to the food item.

  • For any items that don't look like a match, click the Search button to find the corresponding menu item from the Items list.

  • If the item doesn't already exist AND you would like it to display for guests to review by linking the POS item, create a new Item.

  • If you don't want the item to display to guests for reviews or Dashboard insights, you can choose the option to ignore the POS item at the right of the menu item. Once you ignore a POS item you cannot undo this task.

Unlinked Items


  • Once you've gone through the list of linked items, you can also see the full list of Unlinked items by going back to the All items section and clicking View on the Unlinked Items section at the top.
  • This section offers the same search and Ignore functionality as the Suggestions. page, so follow the same actions. 
  • You will be displayed POS items at a time, regardless of how many POS items you have without a match. You can ignore all 5 displayed items at the same time by clicking the Ignore all button below the list.

Managing an ePOS menu


As you add new items to your POS system, you will continue to get new Unlinked POS items. Within the first few days of a menu update, it's important to keep up with all the new items coming through. Your venues may also have specials that change or seasonal items, so it's important to maintain your Yumpingo Menu. 

Remember, if you haven't linked a POS item to a Menu Item, you won't receive any guest reviews for that Item.

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