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Casing Preferences and Rules

Adjust casing 


Each time a new menu is set up, default casing rules can be applied. These rules relate to what's shown on the guest review menu.

Casing rules don’t impact how Items or Insights Categories are displayed on the Yumpingo dashboard in Insights and reports.

To access Casing preferences:

  • Go to Manage > Menus to open menu management.
  • Open the menu you'd like to adjust the casing on.
  • Click the 3 pink dots in the upper right-hand corner for a drop-down list.
  • Choose the Casing preferences (explained below) you'd like and save settings.
  • Apply the preference you just created by clicking the 3 pink dots again and selecting Apply casing rules.

Capitalised lettersDon't adjust the upper case to lower case.

When using CSV upload for menus there may be proper nouns that differ from the 
default option (e.g. “Chicken burger with Jack Daniels special sauce”). Ticking this option will ensure these items aren't adjusted. We recommended this option, although it's important to double-check for typos. 

With ticking, there's still the option to manually overwrite the rules. However, if you apply casing rules at another time, it will overwrite the capitalisation again.

Casing preferences options:

  • Unset (don’t adjust)

  • Title case (no exceptions)

  • Title case (with exceptions: with, a la, and, on, the, ‘n’, of, a, in)

  • Sentence case (without end punctuation)

  • Sentence case (with end punctuation)

  • All lower case

  • All upper case

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